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Strengthening Ideas

Animal Walks

Wheelbarrow Walks

Balloon Games – keeping the balloon up in the air

Throwing a Ball - with 2 hands overhead

Draw, Write, Paint - on a vertical surface (easel, white board, paper taped to the wall)

Tummy Time – play a board game, read, or watch TV lying on your tummy propped up on your elbows

Crab Walks/Races or Crab Soccer


Wall Push-ups

Chair Push-ups

Donkey Kicks – in hands/feet position, kick feet up in the air

Yoga Poses - such as downward dog, snake, tree, and plank


Monkey Bars

Kicking a Ball/Soccer

Freeze Dance Game

Scooter Board - laying on the tummy or sitting up

Tug of War

Rock Climbing



Martial Arts

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